Chapter 4: Knock-Knock… @ 144 beats per minute

Jan 14, 2012

9:30 a.m.

I’m at the hospital for my first ultrasound—the TVS, or Total Vaginal Scan, to be more precise.  It’s one of those countless, hugely embarrassing exercises that you are subjected to during the course of your pregnancy. But the reason this TVS merits a mention is here is not because of it embarrassing nature.

It’s on this page because this is when I say “Hello…” to my baby for the first time.

It’s when I hear that sound.


Now, this isn’t like the twin bump-bump, bump-bump of your heart (that your palm feels across your chest) or your spouse’s (that you love to hear across his chest). It’s a steady, thumping knock-knock-knock-knock-knock…. Like a super-fast engine rushing ahead…. in fact, the super-fast little baby in a huge rush to reach its destination.

The sound fills my ears, it fills the room, and I am wonderstruck.

This, this precious moment, is my first pleasant contact with my baby. After days and days of whining, moping, crying and cursing (the world, not the baby!) this knocking gives me one little moment of simple, wondrous pleasure.

“Hello, little one…”   I feel happy.

My first thought, of course, is that Sajjad isn’t here to share this with me. He’s waiting outside and I wish and wish and wish that I’d called him in. I make a mental note to ask him to come inside with me the next time. He’s gonna love it.

Here’s what the report says:

Early live intrauterine pregnancy of approximately 7 weeks.  Heartbeat : 144 beats per minute.

That’s one helluva speed for that teeny-tiny heart, little one!  I can see you’re in a great hurry to be here….

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Knock-Knock… @ 144 beats per minute

    • Yes… it’s one of those priceless moments in your life …. you just can’t believe it…! In fact I still look at my baby’s face and I can’t beleive I actually gave birth to him!!
      Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome. As I always say that you are the best writer in the world. You describe each and every thing with attention to detail as if everything is happening in front of my eyes. Love the way you write your articles. Moreover this one is special as it is about us. You, me and cutie pie Hasan.
    Shukranlillah that we are a happly loving family. MashaAllah.


  2. Thanks for reminding that exact moment when one sees that little speck on the screen for the first time. That precise moment which gives the feeling of having another life inside………………However, we forget these tiny little things afterwards.
    So, i want to thank you as a writer for bringing out those power packed moments and sharing these intricate moments with us.


    • The tiny moments in life are all that we have dear…be it love or the baby or anything that’s important, it’s always the exact moments that are worth remembering


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