Review: The Reluctant Mother

Such a detailed, perceptive review of my book The Reluctant Mother: A Story No One Wants To Tell. Do read !

Strolling through my Mind

When I attended the launch of my teacher’s book, The Reluctant Mother, I heard the panelists use the phrase “raw and honest” when they described it. I believed them, but didn’t believe that it needed to be reiterated every 5 minutes. If I’m being honest, it became a little monotonous hearing the synonyms of the same words from every awesome panelist over and over again. But yet I was awestruck, that day and all the while reading the book.

It is raw in a way you can’t imagine. It is honest in a way no other story, told by a mother, has been able to be. The true story revolves around a 20-something young journalist from a small town living her dream in Delhi, until life hits her like a truck. The book is about rage as often mentioned by the author. It focuses on life as a young…

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